A passenger (not the song)

I smile on the outside but it’s empty on the inside.
I wake up, I live but it still feels empty.
I seek pleasure in the most sinful places in order to feel alive. To feel. But even the highest of my highs wouldn’t fill that emptiness.
I wonder how to fill in that blank.
I want to see in myself what people see in me or think they do. They look at me and say you’re living life the fullest, you look very happy, but then I look in the mirror and see a body with no emotions. The only time I feel alive is in my daydream when I’m living a different life.
Should I change? Should I be someone else? Is this where happiness comes from?
“When I grow up, I want to be happy.”


Surviving your Regular Day…


I know it’s been a while since my last post, but unfortunately my mind decided to go on a vacation for a bit… Happens right? 🙂

Anyway, my post today is about surviving our regular routine day to keep our sanity (if any).

The followings are pure suggestions tested by me on me 🙂

So if your work starts at 9 like mine and you need 30 minutes to get there from where you live, then do we live together??? 😛

I suggest setting your alarm at 6 am, take 10 minutes to contemplate the wall and get your aura all together, try to remember the dream you had, think about what you would like to accomplish today then get out of bed, got to the toilet, well you know what you need to do there.

Find a quiet place with no one around, put on some music, do some Yoga sequence for 15 minutes, (Try this one, you’ll love it http://vimeo.com/8045412) and 30 minutes of some stretches


Finish all this with an energy boost, take a shower for more energy, get dressed and off to work.

The secret not to get frustrated while stuck in traffic is to put your earphones and turn some music on. Detach yourself from other drivers, from the morning honks and wander in your own musical world.

Now that you’re at work, start your computer, prepare your coffee and breakfast, keep the music on do your work till 11h30.

Take a break, prepare a cup of green tea, walk around the office, talk to your colleagues, surf the web then back to work until it’s lunch time. The best thing is to have health food (I suggest vegetarian food: guilt/cruelty free). Take half an hour break, prepare another cup of green tea and finish the work you have.

It’s 5h and you haven’t noticed it!

Now what to do after work: (the activities I’M involved in)

-Monday/Wednesday: Spanish courses till 9

-Tuesday: Jogging with a friend

-Thursday: TEDxSKE / Donner Sang Compter

-Friday: Yoga

That’s a full schedule I intended to have to keep myself busy and worthy 🙂

After all those finished, I go home sit with my family, talk about our day, drink some tea with them, cuddle my cat Bruce and play with him after not seeing him all day, shower and read a book.

Now for the Week-end, well we all know those 2 short days are for going out with friends, partying and having fun (but please always be safe and drink responsibly, or don’t be the one driving).

Now for breaking the daily routine, think of something creative, nice, environmental friendly, cruelty free and try to accomplish any everyday. Something like in the movie “Pay it forward” which I recommend everyone to watch, do something nice to someone and tell them they have to do something nice to someone else and so it goes on and on… Spread Positivity, Love, Awareness…

As you may have noticed, music plays a big role in my everyday life because this is the only thing that helps me get through everything, music is an amazing tool to help you relax, think, focus, and wander in your own world. (I’m actually listening to some music right now while writing this post).

And I also mentioned Green Tea many times, because I recently read that it is “The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life” (http://chinesefood.about.com/library/weekly/aa011400a.htm).

So this is me & my daily routine! It hope it might reach someone looking for a healthy routine and help them 🙂

Here are a few tips I found for surviving your daily work routine: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/2010/08/18/50-tips-for-handling-stress-at-work





Let me know if you liked this post & don’t forget to Always practice PEACE & LOVE!

Quinoa Salad recipe

So as you may know by now, I’m a vegetarian. It’s hard being one in my family since they’re all meat eaters. And my mom always desperately tries to come up with new recipes for me, but ends up with the same old salad, nothing special. Now that the quinoa is all in, suitable for vegetarians, healthy (contains proteins), suitable for diets, I decided to cook my own salad. So I invented a new Quinoa salad.
It is sooo good that I really want to share it with you in case you feel like cooking one yourself 🙂
So first you soak a cup of quinoa in a cold water for 3 minutes. Then you bring to boil in water & salt for almost 15 minutes. While waiting, start cutting any veggies in small dices. I used: cucumber, lettuce, cherry tomato, green pepper, olives, feta cheese (if you’re vegan, forget about the cheese), wild thyme… Mix them all together in one bowl. Drain the quinoa & add to your mix.
Now for the interesting part, the dressing: I mixed 2 kinds of balsamic vinegar, 1 teaspoon of Olive oil, 1 tablespoon of mustard, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, 1 lemon, a squeeze of orange, dry oregano, salt & pepper.
Et voilà! Low in calories, high in proteins, cruelty free, what more could I ask for?! The salad is all ready in 20-25 minutes.
Bon appétit.


The “V” Day!

Flower: 50$

Chocolate: 100$

1 night room in a hotel: 500$

Saying I Love You: 1000 times

You got it right, I’m talking about THE day, the Valentine’s day, where all the “Love” magic happens.

First let’s start by how this day became a celebration: “The day was first associated with  in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as “valentines”). Valentine’s Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.”

What we understand from this is that lovers nowadays need to present flowers & gifts to each other in order to express their feelings. Therefore, love or saying “I Love you” might cost you around a 1000$ for only one night, everything is romantic, magical, breathtaking this one night… But what about the day or the week after? Is love still there? Does it exist with the same sparkle as the one on Valentine’s day? Or do you need a heart shaped card to tell that special someone how special they are to you?


What about some people who try their best to date someone a few days before the V day not to be spending it alone? Do you really need to pay a lot of money just to have a fake company with fake feelings that might vanish in the next few hours?

Well my advice to you dear single friend on this V day is: STAY SINGLE! Date yourself, Love yourself, take care of yourself on that day. Book a couple massage with a best friend (preferably a single one) go to a bar have a few drinks, mingle with other single people, You might find that special person & take them out on a date that is NOT a love date, a date with no pressure to express any unreal feelings…

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d rather tell that special someone that I love him in a really special way & I’d rather not do it on Valentine’s day just because society decided to make it THE Love day. The only way I see it is a materialistic day for people who don’t know how to express their feelings except with pre-prepared cards, some flowers & chocolate.

On the other hand, not to be completely mean, maybe nowadays days with all the negativity & the hate around us, it’s not that bad to celebrate a “LOVE DAY”.  Hmmm what do you think?


Don’t forget to ☮Always practice Peace & Love♥ not only on the 14th of Feb ツ

Life/No Life

Have you ever watched a situation happening in front of you from outside your body? 

Has your soul drifted away from your body in a way that you feel you don’t really exist? That you are only dreaming and one day you will wake up and find out that your life is a totally different life?

Well it’s really rare for me to feel that I’m really here, that I’m alive. it’s like we’re only floating on this imaginary planet, we are being tested here, prepared for the real life that is going to come after we die. Well who knows? 

But I always wonder why I feel the way I feel, am I the only one who doesn’t really exist? Is there someone out there who feels the same way I feel? 

I know while you are reading this post, you might be thinking damn this girl is really depressed and unhappy, but I can tell you this, I am one of the happiest people on earth. I will not commit suicide I really love my life but it’s like mentally I don’t exist here. I’m trying so hard to find out the purpose of life… Why some people are lost in life, Why I am?

I read once an article in Forbes: “When we can’t figure out why we’re doing what we’re doing, or how we ended up working the job we’re working, a sense of “drift” settles in.  It seems that instead of planning out our career, we just drifted along the tides  and eventually found ourselves here.”

I have to agree with the writer, we are simply drifting along that we ended up too busy for passion. And this is where we get lost. We don’t know what we do, why we are doing what we are doing & what is the purpose of our lives?!

Am I going crazy? Am I losing it? Or is it a normal way of thinking and everyone else thinks the same but no one talks about it out loud not to be called crazy?

P.S: I wasn’t high while writing this.


Selected Pixels…

Hello dear friends,
I am sharing with you some of my favorite selected photos I took from a trip to Amsterdam/Paris in 2010.
The reason why I love Europe so very much is the monuments, the buildings, everything there that tells you a different fascinating story.

Fear of LOVE

Phobia, an anxiety disorder, a fear of an object or a situation.

Many of us face a specific kind of fear: fear of heights, fear of riding in a car, fear of fire… 

I would like to share with you some of mine. I’m Achluophobic (Fear of darkness), Acrophobic (Fear of heights)  and Philophobic (Fear of falling in Love or being in Love).

Let’s talk more about my Philophobia or the fear of LOVE.



It’s always fun to be in a relationship, wake up to a sweet romantic text, not to fall asleep before a good night talk, holding hands while walking… Those kinky little stuff are the best things in a relationship, they make you feel like a teenager again. But the minute they turn into a real thing, that’s where the drama starts.

“I love you, I want to be with you, let’s get married and spend our lifetime forever!”

Love???!!! Marriage???!!! Together???!!! Forever???!!! HELP!!!

Falling in Love is a big challenge for me that I always run from. I try to avoid these situations as much as I can. I know that one day It is going to happen, don’t get me wrong, I want it to happen but I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m reading some articles about it for self treatments. 

One of the Phobia treatments is Exposure. Well, should I date a guy, let my heart go & just fall simply in love with him? Not thinking about the consequences? Should I tell him you’re under the experiment & he would just go with the flow? 

As for the other fears that I have, in 2012, I overcame my fear of heights by Skydiving. And for the fear of darkness,I am trying to expose myself to dark places as long as I can hold it. But will I ever get to face the biggest fear of them all? Will I fall in LOVE?

Dear future “Lover”, if you’re the one & you make me fall in love with you, I promise I’ll say it in the most romantic way. It will be a night picnic under the stars & the moon with the sweetest kiss ever. It will be the most unforgettable scene ever! 🙂

☮ Always practice Peace & (Love?) シ 


My first time… Donating Blood!

On September 4, 2011, Yorgui & Khalil from DSC called me asking to go to Hotel Dieu Hospital for there was a patient who needed A+ Blood.

On my way to the hospital, I was really scared, it was my first time. I didn’t know how it would feel like. I secretly hoped it wouldn’t work, that I couldn’t donate or something.

As I arrived, they tested me to check my hematocrit (Blood Test) and all was good for me to donate. The nurse injected the needle and immediately blood was coming out of me into a sack to reserve it.

It didn’t hurt! I was relieved…

While waiting for the unit to be loaded, the patient’s mother came in to check on the donor who was saving her daughter’s life without even knowing her. She hugged me & kissed me as if I was some kind of a hero… She thanked me a million times… I saved her daughter’s life in only 10 to 15 minutes PAIN FREE! It was an overwhelming feeling, I helped saving someone else’s life…. it was the best feeling I could ever feel!

As soon as I finished, I called Yorgui & Khalil thanking them for giving me the chance to go through this amazing experience & I registered as a regular donor with Donner Sang Compter.

I advise everyone to do the same, a 10 minute needle could go a long way… You could be someone’s hero.

Here’s a picture I took while donating… Sorry for the tongue, but I was really nervous 🙂



Hello Dear Friends,

First let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year 2013 full of joy, happiness, success, health and of course wealth 🙂

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I prepared my resolutions, cut them and had them all in my bucket list.  And today, I picked 2 resolutions (instead of 1 cause they’re easy to be done in one year), and this is what I got:



I’m going to sign myself up for Spanish courses AND knitting courses…

I’m super excited about this. I also dragged my sister & a friend to join me… The more the merrier 🙂

Com’on people do the same, it will be fun & you’ll start crossing things out of your bucket list easily. 

Enjoy 😀